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Experienced Directors.


We love it when someone comes to us with a vision and has the skills required to put into effect a stunning production.  If you have a show you're just bursting with enthusiasm to do then complete the form and give us a good idea of your background and the type of shows you have done before.


Novice Directors


So you want to Direct!  You've got a passion for the theatre, may be you have been in a show or two and now you have a taste for directing.


Porirua Little Theatre understands that we all have to start somewhere. If you lack the experience in previously directing a show we can pair you up with  experienced directors/production team leaders to help you understand how to tread in your directing debut.


Simply complete one of the forms below and send it to


Submission form PDF file [PDF 78KB]
Submission form Word doc (DOC 32KB]


The Process.


Your show will be firstly reviewed by the Programming team.


If your show is short listed then you will be contacted and a time will be set aside for you to present your ideas to the Committee.


If you show is not selected you will be advise but don't lose heart. There's always next year.


Submission for the up-coming year cut off in August to give time to plan and market the productions chosen.


If you have missed the August deadline submit your Play/Musical/One Act idea anyway.  It may end up in our lineup for the following year!


Good luck!

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